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Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office
Learning Essentials improve MS Office with templates for students and teachers.
Reader Rabbit Kindergarten
Advance Your Child's Essential Learning Skills For Learning Success.
The Learning Company
Learning English and Armenian Language
Part of a unique suite of language learning applications.
Armenian Dictionary Software

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Learning Ladder 1-2
Learning Ladder Learning Ladder 1-2 is a great learning tool for you child.
Avanquest Software
It has been designed for educational activities' purposes in language learning.
Hellenic Open University
Learn Spanish Verb Meanings
Fun software to help encourage the learning of Spanish verbs.
Helps you to learn things faster and remember them for a long time.
Wondershare Rapid E-learning Suite Deluxe
Rapid E-Learning Suite combines an array of smart yet easy-to-use tools for users with basic desktop......
Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.
Learning English & Armenian Language
You'll Get Everything you need to speak Armenian in few days.
Armenian Dictionary Software
edu-learning pro MS Office 2007
Learn how to work with Microsoft Office 2007 Word, Excel or PowerPoint .
EDU 2000 s.r.o.
Speak2easy Language Learning Expert Trial
Speak2easy Language Learning Expert is a powerful language learning software.
It's a learning management system for SCORM compliant learning content.
Werner Randelshofer

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Mission Possible: Learning foreign words

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Make Learning Languages Easier

...to different learning styles and ...brands in language learning software. Generally...
Enjoy Learning German

Enjoy Learning German

...cognitive process. Learning languages is well ...simplify the learning process. All...
Games based on TV series and movies

Games based on TV series and movies

Ever wanted to control the fate of your favorite heroes from movies or TV series...
Microsoft Paint is still alive, also use Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint is still alive, also use Paint 3D

Microsoft will deprecate Paint to make way for its successor: Paint 3D. The tool...

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一太郎ビューアプロクslog cxe
Molecular Conceptor
It brings knowledge of medicinal chemistry, drug design and cheminformatics.
Synergix Ltd.
It is an authoring tool for creating rich, interactive learning resources.
London Metropolitan University
Learning Business Math
the ideal business math learning and review academic software package.
Intelligent Software, Inc.
Dynamic Learning - Connecting Science
Dynamic Learning gives you access to quality teaching and learning resources.
Hodder Education
JoomlaLMS local server
An aggregate of e-learning tools into a powerful learning management system.
Raptivity Active Learning TurboPack
Quickly and easily create learning interactions with Active Learning TurboPack.
Harbinger Knowledge Products
Open Elms
Open-source total e-learning solution.
e-Learning WMB
Easy English Platinum
Interactive English learning course.
Individual Software, Inc.
Machine Learning
Easy-to-use free application which learns math, chess.