Learning Letters And

Flip Words
Flipwords 2.3 is an exciting game with an extraordinary concept of playing.
HipSoft LLC
Spell as many words as you can using the letters of the hens before time is out.
ABC Kid Genius
Educational Software to teach the Alphabet,Letters,Numbers,Counting,Reading,etc.

Learning Letters and

Highly interactive learning experience.
Colorful hangman like word game for the whole family.
Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware
Alphabet Express
Alphabet Express Software helps children learn about the letters of the alphabet.
School Zone Interactive
Letter Olympics
Letter Olympics it's a home learning software that covers letter b and d.
ABC Animals
Let your kids learn the alphabet while playing this memory game!
Green Forest Studio
MHX Preschool Jumpstart
Give the childrens a head start in the learning process before school begins.
Type To Learn Jr.
One of the first steps to computer literacy is learning how to use the keyboard.
Sunburst Communications, Inc.
The Alphabet
Application designed to teach and test all alphabet skills.
Protea Textware Pty Ltd
GoKeys!makes learning the keyboard simple and fun.
McGoo Software
English for free
A free tool for learning English basics in an entertaining way.
Veneficium Ltd.

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Learning Letters and

Smart Kid - Learning My ABCs
It can help kids learn the alphabet.
South Beach Software
Morse Code Master
Innovative, audio-visual learning software solution.
The Worksheet King (HW)
The Worksheet King (Handwriting Pack) is a fast and effective way of creating worksheets tailored to......
The Happy Mongoose Company
Grey Olltwit's Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Soup is a program for learning the alphabet developed for kids.
Grey Olltwit Educational Software
This soft provides activities for learning the order and orientation of letters.
Semerc Ltd
AGUGU Fingaroo
FINGAROO teaches your baby basic shapes, symbols, colors, and letters.
Dog and Cat Letters and Sounds Phase Three
This software helps children to master further graphemes.
Q&D Multimedia
Dog and Cat Letters and Sounds Phase Two
Dog and Cat return to help children learn the first 19 letters.
Q&D Multimedia
Stickybear ABC Deluxe English Spanish
Stickybear ABC Deluxe English Spanish provides practice in alphabet learning.
Macromedia, Inc.
Accu-Type 6
This application helps you learn to touch type on your personal computer.
Friman Enterprises